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THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM in our bodies is actually two systems in one, consisting of the nerves in the brain and those in the spinal cord. These two key nerve centers are encased in the skull and the vertebral canal of the spine. To understand how they connect into the network that enables sensation and vitality, think of your body as a tree with a trunk and outward-stretching branches that divide into even smaller extensions. The “lower branches” on your tree are the “peripherals,” for example the nerves in your...

STRANGE SOMEWHAT PAINFUL SENSATIONS in your lower extremities—and especially in your feet--can be very alarming. How can you discover the cause?

According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, the symptoms you may be experiencing depend on which of several varieties of nerves are the ones affected.

THE MYSTERIOUS THING about the discomfort of peripheral neuropathy is that it varies in kind and intensity, form one person to another. In general, neuropathic pain is felt in the lower extremities and concentrated in the feet and hands.

The sensations can vary from stabbing pain to mere tingling or numbness. This post offers more details about what the the effects feel like and why.