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Neuro One Peripheral Neuropathy Nerve Support Cream

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SUPPORTS NATURAL NEUROPATHY RELIEF: Impaired nerve function may be associated with peripheral neuropathy, a common cause of numbness, pain or tingling in the extremities. Neuro One neuropathy support cream stimulates rapid absorption of L-Arginine, an amino acid naturally present in our bodies that is essential nutrient to maintain optimum nerve function. When applied to the feet or hands, the L-Arginine in Neuro One stimulates the release of nitric oxide, which in turn improves blood flow and refreshes the nerve pathways. 

PODIATRIST RECOMMENDED: Neuro One is a non-greasy moisturizing cream that can be easily applied to support healthful circulation and peripheral nerve function. Unlike oral supplements, which are diminished during digestion, Neuro One goes straight to the affected area. Simply pump a few drops from the bottle onto your palm and rub the lotion into your skin as if covering your foot with a sock or hand with a glove. For best results, apply twice a day for 30 days, and continue daily use to achieve longer-term relief. 

MADE WITH CARE IN THE USA: Neuro One is produced in the United States by a specialized neutraceutical production facility that is cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and has earned the Premium badge from Whole Foods Markets. The manufacturer is FDA-registered and inspected, and has earned the USDA’a National Organic Program (NOP) certification. Every Neuro One ingredient is sourced with care, and the product contains nothing from China. 

NURTURED BY NATURE: Neuro One is a blend of “neuro-natural” ingredients that have powerful healing properties to address the pain, tingling and numbness associated with with impaired peripheral nerves. Nothing in this description is intended to imply that the product cures, treats or prevents any disease, and its claims for promotion of health have not been evaluated by the FDA.
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Neuro One Ingredients with Common Names (in order of percentage)

Purified Deionized Water
L-Arginine USP (naturally occurring amino acid)
Aloe Vera USP (moisturizer)
Glyceryl Stearate USP (naturally vegetable derived)
Capric Triglyceride USP/NF (moisturizer derived from coconut oil)
Sweet Almond Oil USP (emollient)
Hetoxol USP (natural fatty acid)
Polysorbate 20 USP (naturally derived from fruits and berries)
IsoparL USP (mineral oil)
Carbopol 914 NF (emulsifer)
Phospholipon 90G (soybean lecithin)
Triethanolamine USP (anitoxident pH stabilizer)
Stearic Acid USP (emulsifying thickener)
Sodium Benzoate USP (perserativeantifungal salt)
Potassium Sorbate USP (natural antimicrobial salt)
Butylated Hydroxytoluene USP (antioxidant)
Vitamin B12 USP (methylcobalamin)
Piperine USP (black pepper)
PhenoxyethanolUSP (preservative)
USP: United State Pharmacopeia
NF: Natural Formulary

  • Apply thoroughly. Pump one full squeeze into your hand. For more even coverage, use a finger on the other hand to dab some all overand around your foot including the underside. Then with one or two hands, massage into the skin, making sure to get all the way around your ankle. Apply as if covering your skin with a sock.
  • Massage around the ankle. This is important because the nerves enter the foot through the front, sides, and rear of the ankle. Also, make sure to apply on the bottom of the foot. See the nervespictured below in yellow.
  • Use twice a day. Apply Neuro One once in the morning when you get up, and once in the evening before bed. It will not stain your socks or bedding.Make sure never to apply just before a shower or bath; otherwise you will wash it off. You may need to pump more than once depending on the size of your foot.
  • Rub on like a hand cream. If it takes more than 45 seconds to massage in, then you may be using too much. Not a problem, it will just take longer to absorb. You may feel a little tackiness, but that will dissipate soon.
  • Be patient. Some people experience an increase in sensation or a reduction of pain within minutes, but in some cases it can take up to four weeks or more. Keep using Neuro One until the bottle is empty. If after applying twice daily until the bottle is emptyyou have not experienced increased sensation or loss of pain, then most likely it will not help you.
  • Monitor your sensations. Do not be alarmed if after using Neuro One you experience some discomfort. This is because your nerves are reviving and increasing sensation. This is a good sign, and the discomfort will pass in a few days.
  • For your protection. Neuro One is packaged in an airless bottle to avoid contamination and to protect the pure and natural ingredients. If at any time you have trouble pumping out the cream, put the cap on, turn the bottle upside down and firmly tap it a few times on a hard surface to get the flow going smoothly again.
  • A word of caution: Neuro One is effective in the feet and hands (the periphery) because the nerves are close to the surface of the skin. For this reason, it will most likely not be effective anywhere else. Additionally, if your burning, tingling or numbness is the result of a problem that is not in the periphery such as an injury at the disc level in your back, the nerve there is sending abnormal signals to the ends of the nerves that are in your feet. Neuro One cannot reach the injured nerves in your spine and therefore cannot help the nerves in the feet achieve more normalcy. Neuro One works when the injury is in the periphery, as it can reach those peripheral nerves to assist them to have more normal function.