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Our Story

NEUROPATHY RESEARCH INC was formed in 2014 by two entrepreneurs with a stake in improving the health of those affected by the pain, tingling and numbness of peripheral neuropathy. One founder is a neuropathy patient himself – a marketing executive -- with a clear motivation to find a remedy for his condition; the other a trained chemist who is an expert in manufacturing and business operations. They joined forces to develop a non-prescription remedy for the condition based on proven science and the experience of physicians who have successfully treated peripheral neuropathy over the years using ingredients derived exclusively from nature.

The partners’ eventual formulation for a topical, therapeutic lotion combined the power of l-arginine, a naturally-occurring amino acid vital for human health, with a proprietary transdermal (skin-absorbing) delivery system to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which in turn relaxes the blood vessels and stimulates activity in damaged nerves to relieve pain, tingling and numbness. They spent two years developing and testing iterations of an l-arginine based topical cream that proved both efficacious and easy to use. They dubbed their revolutionary product for peripheral neuropathy relief: Neuro One Nerve Support Cream. 

Neuro One is available for sale on both Amazon and the Neuropathy Research website (, where consumers can find information on the causes and treatment of peripheral neuropathy and helpful suggestions for self-care. The partners continue to research natural, non-prescription formulations to help their many customers who bear the burden of nerve damage in their feet and hands, and are eager for personal care solutions that support their recovery.