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Neuro One for Healthcare Practitioners

Image of a tablet (with the word Neuropathy on the screen) and a stethoscope laid on the tabletNeuro One Nerve Cream for Peripheral Neuropathy is now available for wholesale purchase by physicians and other healthcare professionals throughout the United States and Canada who treat patients with peripheral neuropathy. Practitioners can dispense it as part of a therapeutic regimen or sell it to patients with instructions for self-care.

We offer significant discounts on bulk purchases. All we ask is that you click the "Apply" button below and fill out the form to register for wholesale eligibility, detailing your professional credentials, type of practice and medical license number or business tax ID. You may sell it to patients as part of your practice and charge what you like, but we ask that if you sell it online you pledge you will not sell the product for less than the retail price ($34.95).

A variety of physicians and healthcare practitioners have incorporated Neuro One in their practice with very favorable results for those in their care. Simply fill out the form, and you can join them. Following the review of your application, we will contact you by email to confirm your registration and explain the bulk discounts and terms. Once registered, you are entitled to log in to your account on the Neuropathy website where you can make wholesale purchases.